Car maintenance in winter

Along with the classic maintenance of the car , there are attentions and checks to be performed in the cold season. The maintenance of the car in winter provides for various interventions so that in the specialized workshops were born the so-called packages of ” winter checks ” and the car manufacturers have initiated various initiatives to ensure the right car maintenance even in winter . We have already told you a lot in the article ” How to protect the car from the cold ” , but we have not yet talked about the winter car maintenance initiatives launched by several car manufacturers. We continue in degrees!

Car maintenance in winter , things to do

Riding winter tires or snow chains

Those who live in the north of Italy are obliged to remove the summer wheels (yes, because the use of winter tires even on dry asphalt leads to a greater consumption of fuel, so those who live in the north would do well to have in the garage the tire change!) and mount the winter ones (for more information, read how to properly store the tires just removed). Those who live in the center and only rarely travel on snowy roads, can do without winter tires and choose snow chains storing your car in winter 101.

How to thaw the fuel

The problem of the frozen fuel affects a little ‘all but especially those who own a diesel car. Diesel tends to freeze much more easily than gasoline, causing permanent damage to the engine due to incorrect combustion. In the winter , car maintenance jobs should include the addition of an antifreeze for fuel or the use of winter fuels .

Protect the engine

The anti-freeze liquid for the radiator protects the engine from possible damage caused by low temperatures. On the market there are a large number of products, there are liquids for the radiator of different colors but all with the same operation. At the time of purchase you need the composition and once in the garage, read the manufacturer’s instructions to make good use of it.

De-icing the windshield

It is a typical winter car maintenance job . To protect the windscreen from freezing and snow it is possible to use a chiller, an ice scraper and maybe fit wiper blades suitable for the occasion, also in this case the market does not lack specific products for the winter.

Other car maintenance jobs to be carried out in winter : –

check the oil using a fresh and good quality –

better to face the winter with new fuel filters

– to optimize performance, better a slightly higher tire pressure (0 , 2 bars)

– make sure that the candles are well insulated so as to maintain their thermal degree

Winter checks for the car : assistance in auto – package maintenance offered by the car manufacturers.

Tire handling and storage

It is impossible to predict the life expectancy of a tire. However, it is possible to increase its duration and performances by adopting suitable management and conservation practices during periods of non-use.  When the tires are left outside, without being used for long periods (a month or more), the surface dries and surface chaps appear, such as champing from ozone or atmospheric agents.

Lighten the load

If the tires are not used for a month or more, lighten them from the weight on them by lifting the vehicle or removing the tires. Otherwise, damage, premature wear or sudden breakage may occur.

Winter Storage

Keep them in a safe place

When storing tires, be sure to keep them away from heat sources such as hot pipes and electric generators. The surfaces on which the tires rest must be clean and free of oily residues, petrol or other substances that could deteriorate the rubber. Tires exposed to this type of material during the storage period may be damaged and may be hazardous to use.

Tires must be stored:

In a ventilated, dry and temperate room, protected from direct sunlight and bad weather.

Away from chemicals, solvents or hydrocarbons.

Away from sharp objects of metal, wood, etc.

Away from sources of heat, flames, incandescent bodies or other materials that can cause sparks or electric shocks.

Far from ozone sources (transformers, electric motors, welding devices, etc.).

Stacking and handling

If the tires can be stacked, make sure they do not lose their shape. If the storage period is long, rotate (reverse the order of the tires). Avoid compressing tires under other objects. The accessories must be stored in their original packaging and placed on surfaces that do not risk causing cuts, tears or perforations. When handling tires and accessories, take care to use tools and equipment that do not cause damage. Furthermore, it is recommended to use gloves and protective clothing.

Short-term preservation

Put the tires on top of each other, preferably on pallets, but without exceeding 1.20 meters in height. Invert the stacking order every four weeks. When the tires are mounted on the rims, store them inflated vertically or in single rows on shelves.

Long-term preservation

For longer storage periods, store the tires vertically on shelves at least 10 cm above the ground. Turn them slightly once a month to avoid deformation. If a tire is not used for a long time, check the pressure regularly and keep it at the levels recommended by the manufacturer.

Preservation of winter tires

These simple precautions will allow you to keep winter tires in perfect condition:

Before removing the wheels, note their position on the vehicle. Next winter, you can mount the front tires on the rear to even out the wear. Wash the wheels and tires with water and dry them carefully to avoid oxidation.  Remove any foreign bodies or debris stuck in the grooves. If the tires are mounted on the rim, store them horizontally or hanging. If they are without a circle, store them vertically or flat. Keep the tires away from light, preferably in a dry and cool place, and above all not near solvents (fuel, oils, etc.). Dunlap has supplied tires for more than 300 competitions and tests held all over the world, only in the year 2005. “Success in respect of tradition” is the expression that best characterizes this British manufacturer. In fact, Dunlap has a historical reputation to defend because its destiny is closely linked to the invention of the first tire that is not drilled, created by the one who gave his name to the brand, Sir John Boyd Dunlap.  Although in 1999 the brand merges with the American giant Goodyear, it maintains its headquarters on the land that saw it born and develop, in Birmingham, while continuing to preserve its values ​​and its specificity. Official British Touring Party Car Championship in 2003, 2004 and 2005, Dunlap always enrolled in a traditional alignment: imagine safe, reliable, and elegant tires. If we add to this the presence of British tires in all sectors of the industry, we understand the respect that they have on the world market. In fact, Dunlap was chosen by manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Honda, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Porsche, Suzuki, Toyota. Often, Dunlap tires are preferred in the second fitting by most of the vehicles that have to change their original tires.

The tires can be delivered in several packages. At the time of delivery, the rubber number (e) received must be indicated on the signature terminal and / or on the delivery note.  If you choose one of our partner assembly centers for tire delivery, please contact us before completing your order, so that you confirm your rates for your vehicle and its availability with respect to delivery times.

Winter tires

If you live in cold areas, in the mountains, or travel in areas characterized by low temperatures, you will need a good winter tire train : they will offer you greater stability even on icy or wet surfaces and will guarantee more safety for your driving.

Summer tires

High temperatures require summer tires with a rigid compound, so as not to lose grip when the asphalt is particularly hot. Remember that these models are not suitable for winter because they have little grip on icy roads and tend to get damaged at low temperatures.

Four-season tires

If you do not want to change tires twice a year and live in areas with average temperatures that are neither too low nor too high, you can opt for a model suitable for every season: Pirelli , Michelin, Bridges tone , Goodyear and many quality brands are waiting for you . The best materials: the elegant cover for windshield against snow and ice Jewell consists of 4 layers of aluminum foil in polyethylene vinyl acetate (which reflects sunlight) and non-woven cotton spun lace (which isolates from the heat of the sun); the product guarantees a windshield free of ice and snow even in windy conditions. Easy to use: Simply place the cover on the windshield of your vehicle with the doors open and then close the side doors to lock it in the desired position; the cover folds easily and can be stored in the boot or on the rear seats of the vehicle. Product suitable for most cars. The XL dimensions (147.3 cm in width x 101.6 cm in height) are suitable for mini vans, large trucks and SUV. Note: The item is not compatible with the rear windows. Multi functionality: In the summer the article offers protection against sun, UV rays and heat storage. It reflects harmful sun rays, significantly reducing the hot temperatures due to the greenhouse effect. With its ultra-thick design, it can also be used as a camping tablecloth, a yoga mat, a tent mat, a pet mat or a rug to crawl your baby outdoors.

Features and operation

Like the standard one on airplanes, the black box is resistant to very high pressures and temperatures and is designed to preserve the information recorded in the event of an accident, keeping in memory the dynamics in the previous 40 seconds and in the 10 seconds following the impact. The incident is detected through some key information, such as strong deceleration, the opening of security systems ( airbags ), the activation of systems to reduce impact damage ( pre-safe)) present in some cars. The device is able to detect the incident and record, even with georeferenced data via GPS antenna, the position where this happened. Another important aspect: the GPS can be activated to locate the car anywhere in case of theft, to facilitate the finding of the vehicle by the police.

What does it show

 Under the heading “Incidents” you read all the information concerning any accidents: the date, the maximum acceleration, the type of accident, the place where it occurred, the last speed detected.

Respect for privacy

It is the most common doubt but with the black box there is full compliance with the privacy regulations of the citizen, who is not subject to violations or limitations from its use. All this because the regulation on privacy and use of personal data obliges insurance companies to respect the ownership of data processing. Furthermore, to ensure the interoperability of electronic devices, a global data collection system is planned at an information center at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. Finally, from 1 October 2014, all the data recorded by the black box are transmitted to this center which will send them to individual insurance companies.

How much

The cost of installation of the device, about 70 euros, is charged to the company that provides the box on loan for use to the customer who only pays for the service fee, quantifiable at about 18-20 euros per year. This means that those who decide to have the black box installed on board must not touch it in any way. No tampering and zero disassembly. The only ones authorized to put our hands on it will be the technicians of the companies.

Recapping  the main advantages of the black box are:

24-hour assistance with immediate location

Reconstruction of the dynamics of accidents

Location of the car in case of theft

Increased awareness of those who drive by car

Acceleration in settlement of the claim

Discounts on the policy and at the time of installation

Discounts based on good driving habits

Improvement of the culture of prevention

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